The CCM Platform

The Medicare Chronic Care Management (CCM) program adopted in 2015 has many challenges. Primary Care Physicians (PCP) may not be equipped to run the program successfully.

  1. PCP may not have the patient volume to offset infrastructure costs
  2. It disrupts the practice workflow
  3. The learning curve is too great

The objective of the platform is to allow PCP of any sizes to be profitable with the CCM program immediately. It will minimize the PCP’s learning curve, be non-disruptive to their workflow and handles any patient volume, and most importantly, be Medicare compliant.

Unlike our competitors who employ Care Managers, we work for the Care Managers. In the spirit of entrepreneurship, we set out to assist Healthcare Disciplines (RN, LPN, MA) become independent contracted Care Managers for Physicians. The Medicare CCM program is most successful when Physicians can perform the care services in-house, however it is not always realistic. Thus, we give them the next best thing, independent contracted Care Managers.

The Platform is about the collaborated efforts of all stakeholders working together but benefiting independently.

The Business Model

Our business model will disrupt the CCM market by removing the typical corporate cost structure. We do this by shifting most of the Sales and Profit components to the Care Managers. buiBase will maintain the Infrastructure which includes Marketing, IT and Accounting.

CCM Links

Do your own research and see for yourself the magnitude of this opportunity; see how underutilized this program is. Start with these links directly from Medicare:


  • Half of all adult Americans have a chronic condition – 117 million people
  • One in four Americans have 2+ chronic conditions
  • 7 of the top 10 causes of death in 2014 were from chronic diseases
  • People with chronic conditions account for 86% of national healthcare spending
  • Racial and ethnic minorities receive poorer care than whites on 40% of quality measures, including chronic care coordination and patient-centered care

Sources: CMS, CDC, Kaiser Family Foundation, AHRQ

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