Chronic Care Management

The Platform

During the course of our daily business, we came across the Medicare CCM program and realized how untapped this market was and the opportunity for cost savings was ginormous. In the spirit of Entrepreneurship, we formed the CCM Platform to help Entrepreneurs, Healthcare Disciplines (RN, LPN, MA, CNA) and Physicians all across America. buiBase is the infrastructure that will allow Disciplines and entrepreneurs to enter this market with no IT or business experience.

The platform was designed so that Primary Care Physicians (PCP) of any sizes can be profitable with the CCM program immediately. It will minimize the PCP’s learning curve, be non-disruptive to their workflow and handles any patient volume.

We are calling on Nurses, Medical Assistants and Nurses Assistants to join our efforts. The platform handles IT, Accounting, Legal and Consulting so that you can focus on the Clinical aspects of the business.

The platform also requires entrepreneurs in order to scale the project. Register to find out how you can own your own Business Unit.

What is CCM?

Don’t let us tell you what it is. Do your own research and you will see for yourself the magnitude of this opportunity. You can start with these links from Medicare:

What makes us different?

We are a virtual organization consisting of Business Units throughout the nation. Each Business Unit is independently operated under one CCM Platform. Our unique business model, removes corporate “overhead” and “profits”; dispersing it to our stakeholders. The net result is higher compensation for everyone involved, including the Physicians who sign up with us.


Sales = Entrepreneurs
HR = Care Managers
IT = buiBase