As a Clinician, you may already know about the Medicare CCM program. Chances are you have also explored performing this service in-house versus outsourcing. But, are you aware of our Hybrid model? Unlike other programs, you don’t do it in-house nor do you outsource, instead you subcontract a remote Care Manager. The Care Manager works directly for you under your supervision at a remote location. The Platform merely provides you with the tools you need to accomplish this task. We chose to work for the Care Managers in supporting non-clinical matters.

Here is your approximate annual income and profits:

The platform was designed with one question in mind, “What would I want if I was the Clinician?” Here is what we came up with:

Minimize liability – As a Clinician, you are ultimately responsible for the supervision of the CCM service, thus, the platform opted to stay clear of any clinical matters. The Care Manager works for you as your contracted employee so you have total control over your program.

No financial loss – To ensure that there is only an upside for you, we are requiring that the Care Managers charge you a per-diem rate. If you can’t bill for the services, you don’t pay.

Control over the Care Manager – The platform offers the Microsoft TEAMS as the virtual office for your Care Manager. Each time the Care Manager is at the computer working, his/her status light is green. At anytime, you and your staff will have the ability to chat, video conference, share files, share screens with your dedicated Care Manager.

Highest quality – We are instructing that each Care Manager handles no more than 300 patient load so that adequate time can be spent on each patient. Besides, the employee works for you so you dictate how you want your CCM program handled. The quality is up to you and your staff.

In compliance – The Platform consists of many Healthcare professionals with one common goal, to be the best CCM Provider in America as a whole. You are sure to have the highest level of compliance when there are 100 eyes versus 2 eyes looking over the policies.

No long term contract – Our contract is monthly.

Low initial investment – Your initial cost is less than $100.


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