Registered Nurse

As we all know, Physicians are extremely busy with their practices, thus minimizing their supervision time is critical for the success of this program. As an RN, can you offload a lot of work for the Physicians. Start off as a Care Manager then become a Supervisor.

How Does it Work?

The buiBase CCM Platform allows Disciplines (Registered Nurses, Licensed Practical Nurses and Medical Assistants) to enter the Medicare Chronic Care Management (CCM) program as the care team for Physicians. It enables Care Managers to easily apply for a CCM position with private offices throughout America.

Medicare is pushing for CCM, Patient outcome can greatly improve, Physicians are in need of new revenue streams, and of course Disciplines are looking for career advancements. The platform enables this by being the infrastructure to handle anything non-clinical (Technology, Marketing, Legal and Accounting) so you can focus on patient care.

*The part-time program is calculated at 16 hours per week while full-time position is calculated at 40 hours per week.

*The Medicare CCM program requires that Clinicians document minimum of 20 minutes of non-face-to-face care per month per qualifying patient. Our calculations are based on 120 qualifying patients per month for part-time and 300 qualifying patients per month for full-time.

*The Supervisory rate was calculated as follows: Nurse directly handles 100 qualifying patients per month and supervising 5 Care Managers.