The Medicare Chronic Care Management (CCM) program was adopted in 2015; yet as of today, the program is still underutilized. The fact is, the program is too complex for a physician practice to implement. The ones that do managed to start the program, find themselves with a very inefficient process.

Today, there are two common business models:

  • Create the CCM Software for the Physicians
  • Provide the CCM services on behalf of the Physicians

There are also two reasons why these models fail:

  • Physicians lack the business skills and/or time necessary to run a successful program
  • Physicians like to be in control, and rightfully so, since their license is on the line

buiBase will disrupt this industry because we plan to give the power and profits to the Care Managers, the ones Physicians’ trust and the ones that can perform the care management. We opt to work for the Care Managers, not the Physicians.

Business Units

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