About Us

With over 20 years of extensive research and development in the area of IT for small healthcare organizations, we pride ourselves in resource sharing. buiBase introduces a platform approach to small business solutions. One Platform for multiple companies is what we are about. We don’t believe in re-inventing the wheel; we believe in sharing the wheel.

What better way to demonstrate the power of buiBase then use it ourselves? The buiBase CCM platform leverages all or our products and services to create a nation-wide, scalable business model. With the joint venture between buiBase and Paradygm Health Group, the CCM Platform was developed to create entrepreneurs throughout America.

The Beginning

The brothers started dabbling in the internet business in 2005. It was just a hobby helping a lot of friends and family out with websites and emails. The older brother (Dan) has his own business while the younger brother (Tai) was working in IT. buiBase has help hundreds of small companies with small budgets for decades. As Dan’s business grew over the years, Tai took over the buiBase completely. Still a small humble IT company that is all about the underdog. He continues to support small businesses with a low budget.

Fast Forward to Today

Now the two companies are joining forces to disrupt the CCM Market. With Dan’s business experience and Tai’s IT experience, Paradygm Health Group and buiBase are joining forces to introduce the Chronic Care Management (CCM) Platform. Dan has created a business model that will disrupt the CCM Market. Tai will be supporting the IT platform that is required to scale the project. While we still support small businesses with their IT needs, we are also helping Nurses and Certified Medical Assistants to be their own boss and work at home. Entrepreneurs can partner with us and take part in this momentous business plan. This is made possible through the power of buiBase.