Remote Patient Monitoring

A Platform Approach...

buiBase is not new to Remote Patient Monitoring. In 2015, buiBase helped Durable Medical Equipment (DME) companies with CPAP compliance. Although the usage is different, the requirements are very similar.

With the buiBase Platform, you will skip the learning curve. For example, DME’s were in a cash flow crunch because of the equipment investment. To combat this, we have teamed up with an equipment leasing company. Another major lesson we learned was plug-and-play equipment is crucial to the success of our program. If you are considering blue-tooth, phone integrations, etc, you will spend more time on data issues than patient care. This frustration will affect patient outcome and ultimately puts your practice at risk.

There are much more benefits to our platform, ranging from nonclinical tasks such as key-performance-indicator tracking to clinical supervision performed by a dedicated Registered Nurse.



Plug-N-Play Equipment

4G Blood Pressure Unit

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4G Scale

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4G Glucose Meter

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BlueTooth Pulse Oximeter

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As a provider billing for the services, you must take possession of the equipment. You can either own them or lease them during the time of the services.

Assuming you have 300 qualifying patients, your annual income would be over $400K and you pay us roughly $100K to run the program (excluding equipment and data transfer).

All buiBase Business Units’ terms are month-to-month, which means you can cancel the service anytime with a one month’s notice. 

Each Business Unit is run by a Registered Nurse so you can be confident in the quality of your RPM program. 

It will cost you more to do this yourself. Most likely you will have part-time help which will result in part-time results. This is all we do, and therefore we have staff to handle equipment issues, data issues and most importantly, the Nurses to manage the program.

Yes, the program is approved for “General Supervision” on 1/1/2020, which means Physicians can supervise the Clinical Staff from a remote location. With a contractor agreement in place, the Care Team will be the extension of your office.

Yes, we follow strict HIPAA requirements and we will have a Business Associate Agreement between you and the Care Team before we start. 

Yes, because each program serves a different purpose. CCM is about engaging the patients with their care plan, while RPM is more about us managing their care plan through physiologic data. At buiBase, CCM and RPM are handled by different Care Managers to avoid any possibility of billing conflicts.

You will bill Medicare and we will invoice you for the billable services. During the first 7 days of each month, your biller will receive the billing summary sheet with the appropriate codes.

Yes, they are responsible for the 20% co-pay which comes out to about $240 over the course of a year (excluding  the yearly deductible). However, during the covid-19 pandemic, you are allowed to waive the patient’s co-pay, so there is no better time than now to implement the program.