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Chronic Care Statistics

by Dan Bui

%medicare chronic care management %nursing care plan for chronic pain management

  • Half of all adult Americans have a chronic condition – 117 million people
  • 99% of Medicare spending is on patients with chronic conditions
  • One in four Americans have 2+ chronic conditions
  • Two in Three Medicare beneficiaries have 2+ chronic conditions
  • One in three Medicare beneficiaries have 4+ chronic conditions
  • 7 of the top 10 causes of death in 2014 were from chronic diseases
  • People with chronic conditions account for 86% of national healthcare spending
  • Racial and ethnic minorities receive poorer care than whites on 40% of quality measures, including chronic care coordination and patient-centered care

Sources: CMS, CDC, Kaiser Family Foundation, AHRQ

Your Power…Your Profits

by Dan Bui

%medicare chronic care management %nursing care plan for chronic pain management

He who owns the company holds the Power and Profits. buiBase is disrupting the CCM market by giving away the power and profits to the Care Managers. If you are a Nurse or Certified Medical Assistant, the program was designed for you. buiBase and its associates are not looking to hire you, they are looking for you to hire them.

Here is how the program works: The Medicare CCM program was designed so that physicians can perform the care management on their patients but the reality is, they don’t have the resources to do so. The resources we are talking about are, IT and Care Managers. Their practice is already hectic enough, let alone introducing more work load. This is where you come in. Instead of the physicians outsourcing the work, he/she rather just employs the Care Managers. However, physicians trying to do this themselves, will automatically assume market rate, therefore you are no better off then just working for anyone else. With the buiBase Platform, the price is dictated to the Physicians on your behalf affording you a higher compensation.

For example, if you are a Medical Assistant, instead of them paying you $15/hr, they will be paying you $10/patient/month which equates to higher compensation. Of course, there is more to it than just you performing the care management; there’s Legal, IT and Accounting activities. This is where the platform comes in. When you sign up with buiBase, a buiBase Business Unit near you will perform all those tasks on your behalf. The platform work to protect your interest.

The CCM Platform

by Dan Bui

Chronic Care Management Platform

With over 20 years experience in the healthcare industry, I have devised a business model that will help Nurses become entrepreneurs and Certified Medical Assistants to work from home in the are of Chronic Care Management (CCM). What better way to make a living, then to work for yourself in an area that helps millions of seniors to a better life?

%medicare chronic care management %nursing care plan for chronic pain management

The Platform

The platform was designed so that Primary Care Physicians (PCP) of any sizes can be profitable with the CCM program immediately. It was designed to meet the following goals:

  • Minimize the learning curve for each practice
  • Seamlessly integrate contract employees with internal employees
  • Non-disruptive to the practice workflow

The Community

An important part of the platform is having a community of stakeholders coming together as one. Our Online Forum will allow stakeholders to share knowledge and experience to evolve the program.

Corporate Structure

Unlike typical corporations the profits and sales savings is dispersed to the stakeholders. Each CCM Business Unit has three primary stakeholders: buiBase, Nurses and Care Managers. This innovative structure removes financial wastes and puts the power and profit into the hands of our Care Managers. Physicians enjoy the hassle free program but most importantly improve his/her patients’ quality of life. The Nurses help hold everything together and scale the project.

%medicare chronic care management %nursing care plan for chronic pain management